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Release: The Tracey Simpsons Show HUN (Beta 2)

Officer Michael John has released the second beta of an interesting Wolfenstein 3D mod, where you play as Homer Simpson, and appear to be killing your family as they appear in the original version of the cartoon.

There are many interesting additions, such as the implementation of ladders you can “climb” (because The Simpson Family didn’t have stairs back then?).
It runs on DOS4GW (It’s great to see people still using it as an engine), and the download includes DosBox, which will let you run the game.

Be aware, the game is in Hungarian, but the menu is structured the same as in normal Wolfenstein 3D.

The Tracey Simpsons Show HUN (Beta 2) on ModDB
Accompanying Teaser Video (Abstract Art?)

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  • Officer-Michael John 2019-03-18, 1:24 am

    Very thanks,that you wrote from my mod. It’s my favorite mod of me because this my mod is very creative. I only say,that I create everyday about.

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