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Release: The LZWolf First Ever Open Invitational Mapset (LZWolf)

After a little over a year of work, Dunkelschwamm and AstroCreep have released the first community collaboration built on LZWolf!

The LZWolf Open Invitational Mapset is built on LZWolf, using a toolkit created by AstroCreep as a feature-foundation for modders. From there though, each of the authors were allowed to create whatever they want, standalone and with barely any restriction.

The set includes 17 maps, each created with it’s own separate concept.
Some maps range from experiences similar to traditional Wolf3D maps, to more feature laden and abstract concepts, and some experimental maps (As an example, “EISENEDIT!!!!!” takes advantage of map formats in LZWolf to showcase interesting examples of mapping in the engine. Though, those particular abilities aren’t accessible until a compatible editor is publicly released).

The mod allows all levels to be accessed from inside a central map.

The HUB in itself is interesting to explore; with a lot of areas to explore and things to see, and a lot of dancers not practicing social distancing.

The LZWolf Open Invitational Mapset requires the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, and as the name suggests, the latest version of LZWolf.

Download The LZWolf Fisrt Ever Open Invitational Mapset (ModDB)
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