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Release: Summer Night’s Epitaph for ECWolf

Edit: Attempts to properly credit for maps in the mod has been made based on what is known.

A member of the Wolf3D Haven forums, Blackmore, has released a mod called Summer Night’s Epitaph.

The creator describes it as a “short but fun and mysterious Wolf3D adventure”, mostly vanilla themed but with some additional scenarios and effects that take advantage of ECWolf’s features.
The mod borrows maps from authors including Dunkelschwamm, stringing them together with some new themes, taking liberties in how to complete maps by removing the ability to in some levels. In order to progress you will have to cheat, which appears to have been the creator’s intention.

Summer Night’s Epitaph comes bundled with LZWolf (Though a copy of the development version of ECWolf should work too), and will require a registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D to run.

Note: There are some tree clipping issues in the forest level that will make traversal a little awkward, but that hopefully shouldn’t get in the way as much as the other intentional issues.

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