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Release: Strangestein 1 and 2 for MacenWolf

We have the pleasure of seeing two new MacenWolf ports this week! Also, a small update to last week’s release of Astrostein, fixing some pixels in a sprite. Updating isn’t mandatory, but always advisable.

Strangestein reportedly almost serves as a demo for it’s sequel; spanning just one level, and not fully utilizing all of the content that was modded into it.
Its follow-up, Strangestein 2, features more maps (14) and a different variety of sprite art.

Many of the sprites are snapshots of 3D images created in a program called StrataVision 3D, and their appearance is rapidly different to the regular art in the engine! (Note: At least in my case, I find it a nice change of style)

Strangestein 1 and Strangestein 2 will require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to run (These are the releases that include the files necessary for MacenWolf mods to function).
All MacenWolf downloads are currently available from the project’s ModDB profile, as will most future ports! Be sure to follow that page for future updates!

Download Strangestein 1 (MacenWolf)
Download Strangestein 2 (MacenWolf)

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