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Release: Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion

Colonel Bill has returned with a new game, titled in the game’s ReadMe as “Spear of Destiny Demo (tm id) Fusion Patch”.

Spear Fusion is Colonel Bill’s first mod in over 15 years (!!!), and started life as a 2 level mod for the demo of Spear of Destiny.
As plans changed, the game was extended with extra levels and features. The end result is an 11-level game full of different environments and interesting level design.

Spear Fusion is a standalone download, and comes packed with the source code for anyone interested in using the game as a base for their own projects.

Update: Colonel Bill/Beirgut has updated the game to version 1.1, adding gun bobbing and fixing some bugs. The links below are up to date.

Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion Download.
Mirror Download (Via Wolfsource)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread.

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