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Release: Rampant (LZWolf)

Released on June 22nd, Rampant is a game released by LinuxWolf, making this one of a few he has made solo and not under the “Team Raycast” banner!


This particular project is six levels long, with maps being heavily inspired by the efforts of other modders (Credits included in the download).

Rampant is unique in it’s use of UWMF (Universal Wolfenstein Map Format), a map format used by ECWolf and LZWolf that allows for deeper map customization with less restrictions. This includes being able to place multiple items on the one tile, better control over enemy pathing, and more.
While there are currently no Wolf3D editors available that can properly utilize UWMF, there are some in development, which is exciting.

Featuring unique gameplay, this game will run using an up to date copy of LZWolf, as long as you also own the full version of Spear of Destiny.

Download Rampant (ModDB)
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