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Release: Overdrive Demolition, a gameplay mod for LZWolf

Update: A small bug patch has been implemented. If you downloaded the game on release day, please redownload it to obtain fixed versions.

AstroCreep brings us a new gameplay mod, this time building on a mod made by Thomas Weiling.

Demolition is a series of mods that adds to Wolf3D and map packs with an assortment of new and unusual weaponry and enemies, to try and create new experiences.

Wolf Overdrive came out in 2015, and is the focus of this entry in AstroCreep’s series (It also marks the second time this year that one of Thomas’ mods got an overhaul!). If you enjoy Thomas’ mapping, this can be a good way to re-explore the game again!

Overdrive Demolition runs on LZWolf, and requires the base game of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download Overdrive Demolition

(Note: Demolition features breakable static objects, which can break some map design elements. There is an optional blockstatics PK3 provided, which will preserve the classic experience while providing everything that makes Demolition fun.)

Download the latest build of LZWolf
Download the original Wolf Overdrive (Wolf4SDL) or it’s ECWolf Port
Wolf Overdrive on the Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

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