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Release: Operation: Wasserstein II (LZWolf)

At the start of this year gitlance released Operation: Wasserstein for ECWolf, a mod originally announced 20 years ago for DOS.

Just eight months later he has released a sequel, Operation: Wasserstein II.
This game sees gitlance move to LZWolf, taking advantage of some of it’s features to create some very interesting scenery in just the first minutes of the game.

The game features around 15 levels, and takes the player across a variety of locations.

Operation: Wasserstein II will require the most up to date build of LZWolf as of writing, and a full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

As LZWolf matures and features are refined, we can most likely expect titles with similarly ambitious environments in the future!

Download LZWolf
Download Operation: Wasserstein II (via ModDB)

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