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Release: “Operation Eisenfaust: Origins – Remastered Edition” (Wolf4SDL)

Note: There are some minor visual bugs in one of the new levels, due to a newly implemented feature. The issues have been reported and are being investigated.

Today, Team Raycast have released a new version of their 2012 release, Operation Eisenfaust: Origins.


The goal of this remastering is to create more ties to the Wolfenstein 3D universe. Environmental tweaks, many art changes and code changes have been made, and new maps have been made by DoomJedi, LinuxWolf and Woolie Wool.

The complete list of changes can be read in the announcement article on ModDB.

Operation Eisenfaust: Origins – Remastered Edition is a standalone project, containing all the files needed to play.

Download Operation Eisenfaust: Origins – Remastered Edition (ModDB)

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