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Release: Operation: Artemis (ECWolf)

Nathan Alsbrooks has released his first ECWolf project!

Operation: Artemis is a 21 level game with new enemies, graphics and music. Maps are large but easy to navigate and with enough little details in the environment to keep them from growing repetitive. Specific note was made regarding the balancing of maps to allow for both continuous play of levels, and pistol-starting of each.

Operation: Artemis requires a full version of Wolfenstein 3D, and a copy of ECWolf to play. To play, do not unzip the download files, but instead just drag and drop it over your copy of ECWolf or LZWolf to start.

Download Operation: Artemis (ModDB)
Check out Operation: Artemis on ModDB (Temporarily separate to the download)
Discuss Operation: Artemis on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards

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