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Release: Operation: Arctic Wolf One-Level Beta (DOS)

Luke Strauman has released a one level beta for his new project, Operation: Arctic Wolf. Luke has been modding Wolfenstein 3D on-and-off since the 90s, and this marks his first release in around 17 years!

The release is one level, and sounds like more of a demo/teaser rather than an actual beta test of a game. It’s a little rough (The included README warns to save your game often to protect against occasional game-crashes), but manages to capture the feel of mid-2000s modding.

Luke is responsible for quite a few adventurous titles, though some promising concepts have never been finished. These include titles like Himmler’s SS and the never-finished Sorcerer’s Wrath (Still available as a demo).

Operation: Arctic Wolf One-Level Beta comes with all the files needed for the game, but will require an emulator like DosBox to run on modern operating systems.

Download Operation: Arctic Wolf One-Level Beta (Via Luke’s Page) (Mirror)
Visit Luke’s Website, Wolfenstein 3D Heaven and Hell
Discuss the Beta on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.

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