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Release: New ROTT ports of Wolfenstein 3D Episodes 5 and 6, and Spear of Destiny

Edit 2019/03/31: These mods were updated with some minor changes. Be sure to download these for the latest versions!
"consider the rott collection complete lol" -AstroCreep

AstroCreep has released the final mods in his set of ports from Wolfenstein 3D to Rise of the Triad: Dark War.

Blowing up Nazis

Now, you can play through the levels from every episode of Wolfenstein 3D and then follow it up with the sequel, Spear of Destiny!

These mods require the base game of Rise of the Triad: Dark War to run, and are available on the ROTT Mods page.

Have fun!

Download Wolf3D EP5 Conversion.
Download Wolf3D Ep6 Conversion.
Download Spear of Destiny Conversion.

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