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Release: MiniGame: A TRTF Story

The indie game Five Nights At Freddy’s inspired a whole subculture of gaming, and a spin-off series called The Return To Freddy’s continued the universe’s odd story.

MiniGame is inspired by that spin-off series, having the character ” Gregory Takaliken ” storm the Fazbear Inc. company across 60 levels, fighting a range of cartoonish animatronics.

MiniGame: A TRTF Story comes bundled with ECWolf, and will require the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download MiniGame: A TRTF Story (Via Game Jolt)

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  • Mrs G Seymour 2020-11-11, 5:29 am

    Frank burt is here chica is here freddy is here bonnie is here foxy is here kitty the fazcat is here suger is here jackseymour is here barney is here shara is here shante is here vigo is here and puppet is here

  • charlotte 2020-11-11, 5:30 am

    is jumpscare

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