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Release: MacenWolf Source Code, and Laz’s 2nd Encounter (MacenWolf)

Earlier this week saw another big announcement from the MacenWolf project!

First, a new port of a mapset. Laz’s 2nd Encounter is by none other than Laz Rojas, and is his interpretation of Wolfenstein: The Second Encounter.

laz2nd 1

The biggest news though, is that the MacenWolf Source Code is now available to look at and modify. Should you have ideas on ways to enhance it, want to see how Nexion did things, or just want to build your own more heavily modified game off it, you now can! Or maybe even port it to the sytem of your preference!

Laz’s 2nd Encounter can be played using either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to run.
The MacenWolf Source Code includes the Wolf4SDL setup instructions to get you compiling in one of multiple programs.

Download Laz’s 2nd Encounter (ModDB)
Download the MacenWolf Source Code (ModDB)

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