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Release: Loganstein 3D Redux (DOS)

YellowHeron has released a remake of Loganstein 3D: Episode 1, following it’s release a few days ago.

This new version, titled Loganstein 3D: Redux, features 3 new levels to replace the originals, as well as newly replaced graphics.

While still apparently including .WL6 files, this version does not include Loganstein 3D: Episode 2, and choosing any episode other than the first may cause the game to hang.
The game should work in most source ports, though it should be noted that only ECWolf/LZWolf appear to auto-detect that the files only include Episode 1.

Download Loganstein 3D Redux

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  • Asgore89 Asgore89 2021-11-11, 6:25 am

    Yes finally this is up! I can’t wait to see this mod all the way through.

    Btw I’m commenting this in school lollll

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