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Release (Late): YASHHER (ECWolf)

A release that fell through the cracks, YASHHER is an interesting project that was released at the start of May this year, catapulting the player five centuries ahead and placing them in the role of a member of the First – an army of creatures who were turned into what appears to be lizard creatures.

TEPA6ANT’s game features a written story (The author appears to be Eastern-European, so the story has some broken English), and comic-style introductions (Editor’s Note: Makes me think of Unsung’s intermission screens).

The game lends itself to sci-fi elements across it’s 13 levels, and includes many new enemies, and a new weapon.

This game can be played with a copy of either ECWolf or LZWolf, and requires you own the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download YASHHER (ModDB) – English and Russian versions available.
Discuss on the Wolf3D.net Discord

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