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Release: In The Wolves’ Lair (MacenWolf)

This week’s release comes with a new MacenWolf patch (version 1.6), changing mouse sensitivity options and the way enemies are hit. Make sure you update your copies to ensure future compatibility!

This week’s MacenWolf release is In The Wolves’ Lair, a release by Clubey, who was a prominent member of the Mac modding scene. The port is performed by Serpens as part of the MacenWolf project he and Nexion are working on.

In The Wolves’ Lair spans 17 levels, and features a lot of changes to the scenery and graphics, taking BJ’s adventures to new regions, as explained in the game’s story. Much like Laz Rojas’ works, Clubey was capable of some large ideas within his creative constraints.

In The Wolves’ Lair will require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to run. Make sure your game is updated to 1.06 (Link at the top of the post).

Download In The Wolves’ Lair (ModDB)
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