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Release: Hitler’s Secret Department

A user called Step9 has released an unusual mod on ModDB, titled “Hitler’s Secret Department”.

The Russian Wolfenstein mod features 60 levels, and features some uniquely styled and simplistic maps. The level design makes for a quick and straightforward playthrough, especially on some maps (An example of an unplayable secret level…).

Note: There is a bug where your weapon may switch at random and become locked. Pressing either 1 or 2 on your keyboard should fix this and allow you to switch again.
Note: There is a bug where you may take random damage when entering doorways.

Hitler’s Secret Department on ModDB
Download Hitler’s Secret Department (via ModDB)

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  • Step9 2020-03-14, 7:12 pm

    Hello! Thank You for reviewing my mod. This is my first job, I am the Step9. By the way, non-playable secret levels – officially they are not included in the storyline of the addon, they are only intended to fill an empty space, and the story of each episode ends at level 9 with the final boss. Thanks.

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