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Release: The Damonisch Portal (ECWolf)

Update 2020/06/26: A new update has been released for the game, adding a new 3-level episode!

Update 2020/06/11: An update has been pushed, fixing a small spriting error.

Update 2020/06/08: A new version of the mod has been released, cleaning up the files and formatting. The new download is available below.

A Wolfenstein 3D modding group by the name of Team_Fir2 has published their first mod for ECWolf with the full title “Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal”.

The mod took two months to make, and features graphics from a number of sources as well as new maps reportedly covering the first 3 episodes of the game.

The mod requires ECWolf/LZWolf to play, and comes with an additional file for music as well as instructions for how to play.
While it comes with the WL6 files, the mod does not appear to work with Wolf4SDL or DOS.

Download Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal (Via ModDB)
Team Fir2’s homepage

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  • serpens serpens 2020-06-08, 5:32 pm

    It’s a good thing Roebloz fixed Episode 3 after AstroCreep broke it, but the repack is still missing the red ceiling light sprite.

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