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Release: Abandon 2020 (Wolf4SDL)

Edit: Thomas has released an update for Abandon 2020, fixing an error in map 30. Links updated in this post. Be sure to update your game!

Today, Thomas has unveiled a new release called Abandon 2020, a remastering of sorts for his debut mod Abandon which itself was released nearly 16 years ago!
Thomas’ idea of revamping his original game has been something he’s wanted to do for a while, it’s initial form being the unreleased Abandon Special Edition in late 2004.

Abandon 2020 includes almost all the maps from the original game (Along with some cut levels, which have previous been included in Abandon v0.0), though with a little extra polish to make the experience play better.
Art has also been fixed up to be a bit more consistent, and some minor engine changes to give the player more of a chance.

The game is challenging with some interesting set pieces and environments.

Abandon 2020 is a 60 map long standalone Wolf4SDL mod, so the game can be played straight out of the box without any extra files needed!

Download Abandon2020
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