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Port: “maze” (DOS)

Dermuda, a DieHard Wolfers member who has origins with the Mac version of Wolf3D, has shared a project he has uncovered, entitled maze. From the files, we can assume this release came out in September of 2001!

“maze” is a port of a Mac Wolf3D project of the same title, by a member of that community who went by the name Vikram Raj (Dermuda credits him as the author of 2 Keys, a port in the MacenWolf project for whom the author was not known!).

It’s a one level mod that as the name implies, is a maze. A very simple affair.

You can play the project using a copy of the full version of either game as Vikram was generous enough to have made versions of the map compatible with both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.
Because it is a straight map release, it will also work with most base engines and source ports!

Download maze (Wolf3D.net)
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