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Release: Pistol- Whipper 3D

Released on the 25th of May, this gameplay mod by Reddimus is simple in concept but will provide a fun challenge for players; Pistol- Whipper 3D removes all non-starter weapons, leaving you to try to beat the game with only your knife and pistol.


The changes are listed as follow:

  • Machinegun pickup has been replaced with a small ammo box that gives 15 bullets.
  • Chaingun pickup has been replaced with a large ammo box that gives 25 bullets.
  • The SS only drop ammo now.
  • Changed the ‘MLI’ and ‘-goobers’ cheats. Both are still there, just under new names.

The project runs on DOS, so it will require either an older operating system, or the use of an emulator like DosBox to play.
There are versions of Pistol- Whipper 3D available for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and the Mission Packs! Whichever version you choose to play, you will need the original files for it to be able to play.

Download Pistol- Whipper 3D (ModDB)
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