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Releases: 5 “Operation”-themed ports (MacenWolf)

This week, Serpens is dropping five new ports as a part of the MacenWolf project, connected by the theme of being titled “Operation: ________”

These projects will each work with an up to date (At present, version 1.12A) copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

You can also discuss this project in it’s thread on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards, or jump on the Wolf3D.net Discord and chat!

op emerald2

The first project is Wolfenstein 3D: First Encounter – Operation Emerald Light (Shortened to Operation Emerald Light for ease of naming conventions), a 10 map project created by Yoshimichi Endoh.
As the full name suggests, this project was originally made on the First Encounter, and serves as a sequel to it’s story.
Yoshimichi appeared to want to try and stir up attention for the Wolf3D scene with this release, emploring people to make their own maps if they found the release interesting.

Download Operation Emerald Light (ModDB)

op indy 1

Skavin’s one-map project Operation Indy doesn’t have any new visuals, but was created with the idea that your character is Indiana Jones, and you are stealing treasures from the Nazis.
While the project is only one map long, Serpens’ post on the matter mentions it’s unique release and the unknown status of four extra maps.

Download Operation Indy (ModDB)

Where MacenWolf is able to port projects from Mac with a degree of accuracy, back in the day modders had to be more liberal in their approach porting either way, resulting in different enough experiences that it can be worthwhile re-porting a project back.

op overkill 2

Laz Rojas’ port of Randall Penn’s Operation Overkill is an example of that. Laz attempted to port Randall’s game to Mac as best as he could; adding some new art to enhance the goals of the original, but otherwise copying things across to the best of his ability (With some minor fixes on Serpens’ end.
Now, we have Serpens’ port of Laz Rojas’ port of Randall Penn’s project to enjoy!

Download Operation Overkill (ModDB)

op suicide 2

Uncredited, Operation Suicide is a three map project that faces the player with the usual dilemmas until the third map, which will require use of the game’s original “Read Me First” text file to navigate safely.
That sort of puzzle is an interesting approach to mapping, and is a neat idea.

Download Operation Suicide (ModDB)

op uberfaust 2

Operation Uberfaust is also uncredited, and is ten levels long. It has a loose plot involving Schabbs, but the maps are allegedly only lightly edited from the original game’s Episode 2.
You can read the interesting plot line in the download, which does attempt to link itself to the original.

Download Operation Uberfaust (ModDB)

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