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Release- Operation: Wasserstein for ECWolf

Yesterday marked an interesting milestone, with the release of a mod that was originally announced over 20 years ago!

Operation: Wasserstein is a new ECWolf mod by gitlance, which has been made to be a loose “re-telling of the Nocturnal Missions, woven together with the Eisenfaust super-soldier programme”.

The game was originally announced on Lance’s Wolfenstein Page in the Nineties, and has come a long way since the original concept. The screenshot below on the left is from the original version shown on the now-defunct website, with the one on the right being from the final release.

The final version of Operation: Wasserstein spans twenty levels, with a plethora of new enemies and bosses, as well as some new weapons to kill them with.

The game requires at least the current development version of ECWolf, and a Registered copy of Wolf3D to run.

Download Operation: Wasserstein for ECWolf
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