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Release: ECWolf Port and ‘Demolition’ releases of The Operation Totengräber Community Set

Last month, AlumiuN released The Operation Totengräber Community Set, a collection of levels based on BJ Rowan’s classic mod. The release was created for Wolf4SDL, and the maps were designed by an assortment of members of the community.

Today AstroCreep has provided us with a port of this set for ECWolf. It builds off of Executor’s port of the original Project Totengräber, and features all the maps by talented individuals like Serpens, ack, Chris, and Wolf3DGuy (Among many others!).

As seems to be tradition, AstroCreep has also given the port the ‘Demolition’ treatment. The LZWolf mod provides the usual assortment of new weapons, enemies, and effects to change up gameplay significantly.

Each version of the mod will require it’s respective source port to run, as well as a registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D.

Download The Operation Totengräber Community Set (Requires ECWolf)
Download the Demolition Version (Requires LZWolf)
Download The Operation Totengräber Community Set for Wolf4SDL

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