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Release: MacenWolf version 1.1, and MacenWolf S.U.C.K.

While the main goal of Serpens and Nexion’s MacenWolf project is to port all mods and games from the Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D modding scene and make them playable on PC, MacenWolf is also intended to work as a base for making your own Mac-themed projects.

Earlier this weekend, it was announced that MacenWolf S.U.C.K. (Standing for Simple User Configuration Kit) has been released. This change to MacenWolf extends the amount of things that can be edited within the MacenWolf framework, through the use of a new scripting system.

This scripting system allows more control of elements of the game to anyone looking to create a MacenWolf project. The system covers a lot of things, including enemy and weapon behaviours, how objects act in the game, and even change the win condition of levels.
This is all on top of the modding capabilities already in place in MacenWolf, which allows the author to change things like episode and map names, floor/ceiling colours, and what music plays.

The release includes a manual explaining the various elements of this new scripting system, as well as multiple playable examples showcasing some of the interesting changes that can be made using it. Footage of which was included in the announcement article:

This new system is incorporated into a new updated version of MacenWolf. To test the example configurations included in the MacenWolf S.U.C.K. download, you will need to ensure you also download the latest version of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter (Below).

Download MacenWolf S.U.C.K. (ModDB)
Download MacenWolf: The Second Encounter v1.1 (ModDB)
Download MacenWolf: The Third Encounter v1.1 (ModDB)

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