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Releases: Pussenbootzenstein and Death Row ported to MacenWolf.

Serpens has ported two more mods to MacenWolf, helping us all to play more lost Mac mods!

As described on the ModDB announcement, Pussenbootzenstein is originally created by Clubey, and served as a demo for a never-finished Mac project. The mod spans four maps, and features graphics changes.

Image from the MacenWolf ModDB page

Death Row is one of those mods without an attributable author, sadly. However, it is still an available mod, and now it is available to play, should you wish to check out another small mapset.

Image from the MacenWolf ModDB page

These mods will require a copy of MacenWolf to run. Be sure to update to version 1.01!

Download MacenWolf 1.01 (Via ModDB)

Download Pussenbootzenstein (Via ModDB)
Download Death Row (Via ModDB)
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Images from the MacenWolf ModDB page

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