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Releases: Weird Ports (MacenWolf)

The ports themselves aren’t so much weird themselves, but yet another set of ports have come out for MacenWolf, this time for Mac Wolf3D mods that had “Weird” in the title.

weirdlevels 2

The ported titles includes a WolfAddict release called Where’s Weirdo? (10 levels, and two demo scenarios), Weird World by Sean Howard (Three versions with 7, 4, and 7 levels respectively), and a project by an unknown author called Weird Levels (8 levels).

Notable is this is one of the WolfAddict releases where the full paid version of the mod has been available to port.

You can read about and download these releases from the associated ModDB manuscript, and the games can each be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

If you happen to be a Mac user from “back in the day” and happen to yourself own a copy of any paid releases of WolfAddict software, be sure to get in touch with Serpens! I am sure he would appreciate the chance to port these pieces of Wolfenstein history as much as we would enjoy being able to experience them!

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