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Release: Halten Sie! and Von Ribbentrop’s Tea Party (MacenWolf)

Serpens has released the latest two mod ports as part of the MacenWolf project!

This week sees Laz Rojas’ Halten Sie!, a mapset much lesser in scope than some of his other projects, but still a reasonably well-known project.
Halten Sie! has previously been ported to ECWolf, but this port to MacenWolf provides a level of authenticity that is hard to rival.

Screenshot by Serpens, originally posted on ModDB

Von Ribbentrop’s Tea Party is another mod from the Mac community without a known and confirmed author. As with Halten Sie! this is “just” a mapset, spanning 4 levels.

Screenshot by Serpens, originally posted on ModDB

As a final extra to cap off the week, they’ve also released a bonus mod, consisting of a single level. The level is the final map of 48 Hours, which has been ported as part of the project prior to this week.
However, they’ve felt it’s important to give people the opportunity to experience it.

These games can be played with either a copy of MacenWolf: Second Encounter or MacenWolf: Third Encounter.

Download Halten Sie! (ModDB)
Download Von Ribbentrop’s Tea Party (ModDB)
Download Hitler’s Hell (Final map of 48 Hours) (ModDB)

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