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MacenWolf – Properly porting and recreating the Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D experience for PC!

Serpens and Nexion, two members of the Wolfenstein 3D community, have released something truly spectacular!

MacenWolf is an engine built on Wolf4SDL designed to recreate the experience of playing Wolfenstein 3D and it’s mods as they were available on Apple’s systems.

And it does a fantastic job.

Many projects have attempted to port the games from Macintosh before, to varying degrees of success.
It’s important to note that this project isn’t mere sprite and map replacements. The creators of this project have gone to great lengths to recreate and emulate many details, including menus reminiscent of the old Mac operating systems the game ran on, and the many gameplay quirks of the engine.

Be sure to look through the menus at the various options available.

Today, the core releases for the engine came out, in the form of recreations of the original Second Encounter and Third Encounter releases.
For the unaware, the Second and Third Encounter were official releases on the Mac in the 90s; a 30-level compressed version of the original game and a 60-level version closer to the original (But with some changes), respectively.


If there were any release this year thus far you should try, let it be this; the games are standalone and won’t require any additional files to play, and will run on modern operating systems.

Be sure to follow the MacenWolf page on ModDB, which will be updating over time as each game and mod is ported!

Download The Second Encounter for MacenWolf (ModDB)
Download The Third Encounter for MacenWolf (ModDB)

Talk about MacenWolf on the DieHard Wolfer’s Message Board


MacenWolf includes definition files and instructions to allow mods to be created within it as well! If you’ve wanted to make a Wolf3D mod in the style of the Mac games, here’s your chance to try!

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