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Releases: “Battle for New York Deluxe”, “prizon brakeout” (MacenWolf)

This week’s MacenWolf release comes with a new patch to the main games. Be sure to update your copies of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter and MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to version 1.08!

Two map packs have been released; one titled Battle for New York Deluxe (Shown left), a six map project set in an urban environment, complete with new textures to try and better emulate the theme. Author sadly unknown.
zenoen’s prizon brakeout (Shown right) is another project that goes a little further than a straight mapset, with some new wall textures and a new enemy amongst it’s four maps.

Both projects can be played with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. Be sure to update to version 1.08!

Download Battle for New York Deluxe (ModDB)
Download prizon brakeout (ModDB)
Read the full release article (ModDB)

Screenshots from ModDB article, by Serpens

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