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Release: MacenWolf ports of Astrostein and Death Before Dishonor

Continuing with a steady pattern of releases, Serpens has published two more ports of mods from the Macintosh Wolf3D community.

Death Before Dishonor is another small mapset who’s author remains unknown. According to the release post, it was made using a random level generator for Mac called WolfMaker.
Given the community’s experience with Creator and the repetitive and unbalanced levels it creates, it’s interesting to know there was a similar idea present in other areas of the Wolf3D community.

I haven't updated yet.

The major release of today is Astrostein, one of the more well-known mods to come out of the Mac community. The game is the first of a series (which will hopefully all see ports to MacenWolf!) of futuristic games, made by Laz Rojas.

The game has seen ports to both DOOM and ECWolf in the past, but now thanks to the work of Serpens and Nexion we are now able to play a Laz Rojas classic in a much more Mac-like environment!

This all accompanies a new update to the MacenWolf engine itself, as the engine becomes more refined. This update will be required for future releases, so make sure you update.

Astrostein and Death Before Dishonor will require a copy of MacenWolf to play (Available as downloads of The Second and Third Encounter).

Download MacenWolf The Second Encounter (Via ModDB)
Download MacenWolf v1.03 patch (Via ModDB)

Download Astrostein (MacenWolf)
Download Death Before Dishonor (MacenWolf)

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