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Release: A collection of Laz Rojas mods (MacenWolf), and a bonus from AstroCreep

A couple of days ago, Serpens released the next collection of ports for the MacenWolf project; returning to one of the most prominent members of the Mac community, Laz Rojas.

Each of these games will work with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

If you want to discuss them, feel free to do so on the DieHard Wolfers Forums!

aufwiedersehen 1

Auf Wiedersehen, Adolf is a fairly straightforward 15 level project with an attached storyline. Just as with the other two sets in this release, this game was built on The Third Encounter.

Download Auf Wiedersehen, Adolf (ModDB)

BJ’s Revenge (Left) and Operation: Annihilate (Right) are slightly smaller affairs, each having 10 levels (Note: In BJ’s Revenge, one of those levels is only accessible through warping) and a lot of enemies.

Download BJ’s Revenge (ModDB)
Download Operation: Annihilate (ModDB)

thunt 2

Finally, Treasure Hunt Deluxe is 11 levels that tries to tell a complete narrative of getting in and out of a bunker full of rare treasures.

Download Treasure Hunt Deluxe (ModDB)

gorenstein 1

As a “bonus”, AstroCreep has ported his old mod Gorenstein to MacenWolf, though without the altered graphics of the original.

Download Gorenstein (ModDB)

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