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Kowtow! That’s the sound of 3 new things releasing at once.

A month ago Thomas Weiling released Kowtow, a 20-level Wolf4SDL game littered with unusual and light-hearted design choices.

Today, we have a collection of related releases!

First, Thomas has worked with AstroCreep to fix music issues in the main game, and a new version has been released! Update your files!

AstroCreep has also made a direct port of Kowtow to ECWolf, providing a way to play for those who like the modern conveniences it allows.

Finally, Kowtow is also the latest game to be added to AstroCreep’s Demolition series of LZWolf mods. Kowtow Demolition adds new weapons, enemies, and destructible environments to play the maps with!

Kowtow for SDL is standalone, but the port and Demolition versions will require ECWolf or LZWolf respectively. Make sure you have the most up to date downloads!

Download Kowtow for SDL (Patched version)
Download Kowtow for ECWolf (Requires ECWolf)
Download Kowtow Demolition (Requires LZWolf)

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