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Release: Immense Disgust

Immense Disgust is a new ten-level game by Thomas Weiling!

The game takes place in the third episode of the game (With the first two episodes having their maps removed), and Thomas has made the cool design choice to use the .WL3 extension for it.

For those unaware of the history of Wolf3D, there was a very short period of time where the game was sold as just a trilogy of episodes, donning the .WL3 extension instead of .WL6.
This version was short-lived, as The Nocturnal Missions were developed and released quickly, bringing the total episodes up to six and forming the version of the game considered the “full version”.

Immense Disgust modifies the situation slightly though, to have access the assets of the full six-episode version, enabling more variety in the level design.

You can download Immense Disgust here (Wolf3D.net mirror), and discuss it on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards. The download comes with both DOS and Wolf4SDL versions, coming with all the files necessary to play.

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