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Release: Final TFS (Wolf4SDL)

Yesterday, Tris announced the release of his latest project; Final TFS!


Final TFS is a remastering of The Final Solution, a game released on the DOS Wolf3D engine back in the year 2000 (With an additional version released the following year).
This version runs on Wolf4SDL, with improvements including higher resolution graphics (128×128 instead of the conventional 64×64).

The game includes over 20 levels (compiled from a variety of new and old that Tristan has made over the years) and serves as an homage to Project Totengraeber, a popular Wolf3D game released by BJ Rowan in 1999.

The download for Final TFS includes all the files needed to run the game, and will not need any additional files to run on modern Windows OS.

Download Final TFS (ModDB)
Discuss Final TFS on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards!

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