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Release: Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified (ECWolf)

A ModDB member by the name of Alstar05 has released a new project, simply titled Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified.

Exactly as it says on the box, this is a game that alters the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D with modified and new maps.
The game appears to be intended to be played at higher difficulties, with next to no enemies and a lot of empty rooms on lower ones.

Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified comes bundled with all files, and due to the high number of objects in some maps, comes bundled with a copy of ECWolf to be playable. There’s also an option HD graphics pack included.

(Editor’s note: can someone explain the why behind the musical choice in map 3?)

Check out Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified on ModDB

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