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EisenEdit – A new Map Editor

Important: EisenEdit is currently under serious development as a UWMF editor, and as such links are currently unavailable until a new public release (No release date).
You can follow linuxwolf on Twitter, or join the WolfSource Discord to keep up to date!

linuxwolf of Team Raycast has released a cool new tool for making maps in Wolfenstein 3D.

Inspired by TED5 and powered by the Wolf4SDL engine, EisenEdit uses the VSWAP file of the game itself to generate detailed overviews of the maps being edited. The final result is very pleasant to look at.


The editor has a variety of functions, including many dedicated to advanced modding (eg floor and ceiling textures), as well as quality-of-life tools like copy and paste.
Another interesting feature is a “pathfinder”, that will draw the quickest path between two tiles. Locked doors and their keys will even be factored into the path drawn!

linuxwolf’s EisenEdit has been released in open source under GPLv3, and is still being worked on, with more features and finetuning being done over time.

If you’re interested in trying a new way to edit your maps, EisenEdit is available to try right now, with support for both Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny currently available.

Download EisenEdit (via GitHub)
Source Repository (via GitHub, includes full documentation)
linuxwolf on Twitter (Live updates)

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