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Native ECWolf support added to RetroArch!

RetroArch is a program that lets retro gamers emulate all sorts of gaming platforms from within one frontend, including various Nintendo and Playstation platforms.

Very heavily inspired by the Playstation 3, it seems.

Along with emulators, RetroArch also has a select number of older and 2D games ported specifically for it’s Libretro API, including titles like Tomb Raider and Quake.

As of today, ECWolf is now an integrated part of RetroArch’s growing library!

This version , which the official announcement post credits to a man named phcoder, has some minor differences to the original version of ECWolf to fit with the Libretro API, but should play largely the same.
It is still a work in progress with many features still to be added, but is currently playable in Windows, Mac, Linux and Android builds of RetroArch (RetroArch seems to be available on a total of 24 different platforms and systems, from Windows to Playstation 2!)

This is the first I have personally heard of RetroArch, but it looks really slick.

Official announcement post (Includes instructions to install ECWolf, as well as a list of port differences and missing features)
Download RetroArch

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