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ECWolf mod found: Kotlebstein.

Nexion has uncovered a Slovakian ECWolf mod and it’s Christmas version,
Kotlebstein and Kotlebstein: White Christmas (Known natively as Kotlebstein: Biele Vianoce).
The games were released on 2016/08/29 and 2017/12/27 respectively.

Kotlebsten: White Christmas

The mod is politically influenced, themed around the leader of the Slovakian politcal party the “People’s Party Our Slovakia”.
The party is far-right, which presumably lead to the comparisons to Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Kotlebstein only requires ECWolf to play, and features graphical and audio changes, though the levels appear unchanged.
The mod is now listed on the Wolf3D Mods Page.

Kotlebstein Download
Kotlebstein: White Christmas Download
YouTube Trailer

Downloads have been repackaged, removing pirated files. Downloads include ECWolf.

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