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Early Release: Life In The Streets DX (LZWolf)

Scott64 has released the first early beta of what he has announced as a trilogy of games starring an un-expected main character; the rapper 50 Cent.

His first release is actually a remake of a project released on DOS Wolf3D back in 2011, titled Life on the Streets Episode 1 (Originally released by a modder called Racquetball1987).

This remake is built using LZWolf, utilizing various features it provides (Like billboards, and lighting effects) to emulate and in some areas attempt to improve the original experience.

This serves as an early release of his project, which will run on (the latest version of) LZWolf provided you own the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.
Be sure to follow the ModDB profile for the game to be informed of future updates!

Download Life On The Streets DX Episode 1 (Version 0.9) (ModDB)

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