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Releases: “Dungeon Quest Part I”, “Dungeon” (MacenWolf)

Serpens has emerged with the next ports for the MacenWolf project! And a note that the ports of Astrostein and Astrostein II received a bugfixing patch.

These projects will each work with an up to date (At present, version 1.12A) copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

You can also discuss this project in it’s thread on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards, or jump on the Wolf3D.net Discord and chat!

dungeonquest 2

Dungeon Quest Part I: Barons from the Underworld by Alan B. Clem is a fantasy-themed project that takes it a step further than a lot of other Mac Wolf3D mods; a majority of art and sounds have been changed, which as Serpens points out takes this particular game closer to “Total Conversion” than mod!

Download Dungeon Quest Part I: Barons from the Underworld (ModDB)

dungeon 1

Miguel Faria’s Dungeon is a simpler affair, following a prison-break plot across three levels.

Download Dungeon (ModDB)

Images from the MacenWolf ModDB page.

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