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Release: The Operation Totengräber Community Set!

After years in on-and-off development, a new DieHard Wolfers community mapset is out!

Project Totengräber came out just over twenty years ago (October 30th, 1999!), and is as fondly remembered and appreciated as BJ Rowan’s other titles.

Following suit with other DHW community projects such as Beyond Mutantstein, various modders and mappers contributed to the new twenty-one level set, including AlumiuN (Who organized the set), Serpens, Chris, ack, and more! (Full credit listing via link below).

The DHW Totengräber Set runs on Wolf4SDL, and does not require any other additional files to run.

Download The DHW Totengräber Set
BJ Rowan’s Records Room (Contains downloads to his other projects)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread (Mapping credits listed here)

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