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Release: Dark Dungeon I Beta (Wolf4SDL)

Edit: Mistakingly attributed BWIISE to Andy, where it was MCS who made that particular port. Apologies to MCS!

On the 19th, Thomas Weiling gifted us with another port of a Wolfenstein 3D mod remembered fondly by some in the community.

Andy_Nonymous was a prolific member of the community when it came to porting various mods and games to Wolf4SDL, being responsible for many ports released over the years. His contributions in that field and his participation in many other areas of the community are forever appreciated, and it was a major loss to the community when he disappeared.

Dark Dungeon I is a 44 level project from 2002 by Kenny Roels, originally for DOS. This port is a beta which is considered practically finished and playable. It will run standalone without the need for other files.

Thank you very much to Thomas, for sharing this with everyone and giving people a chance to explore one of the older games of the community!

Download Dark Dungeon I (Wolf3D.net)

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  • serpens Flintheart Glomgold 2021-04-22, 7:29 pm

    Nice private message link. Plz fux

  • Jollum 2021-05-17, 4:01 pm

    mate, you gotta fix the download link

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