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Release: Coming of the Storm, ported to LZWolf!

There are few mods as universally appreciated as Wolf-Skevos-Jones’ title Coming of the Storm. The game has received major praise throughout the years, and influenced a number of other projects’ existences.

Thanks to Orka (creator of Operation: Nazi Slayer) and the extended functions of LZWolf, you can now enjoy this absolute classic of a game on modern systems, without DosBox!

Coming of the Storm for LZWolf brings us as close to a recreation as currently capable, and it’s pretty good!
The mod is considered “99.999%” accurate to WSJ’s original, due to some (temporary) minor limitations in LZWolf, but that .001% seems to just been some minor decorative and environmental features.

It is fantastic to see this get a port, and hopefully now more people will be able to experience this classic.

Download Coming of the Storm for LZWolf (Download LZWolf)
Download the original Coming of the Storm (Requires DosBox)
DieHard Wolfers Forum Thread
Coming of the Storm on the Wolf3D Wiki

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