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Claw of Eisenfaust updated with 64×64 and 128×128 sprite variations

AstroCreep has released an update of Claw of Eisenfaust, his port of the SNES game to ECWolf.

These updated versions go alongside the original release, offering a choice of graphical style. While the original includes 32×32 art to replicate the style of the SNES port of Wolfenstein, these options offer the ability to play the game with 64×64 and 128×128 textures.

Claw of Eisenfaust 64×64 makes the art look more like the PC version of Wolfenstein, but with some modifications to censor the art in line with Nintendo’s methodology.
The 128×128 version uses graphics from the Mac version of Wolfenstein, modified to replicate the way textures were censored on SNES, with Ringman’s Rat sprite used for the dogs.

Oh yeah, I love Blink182!

Along with these new versions, the original 32×32 version of Claw of Eisenfaust has also received some minor updates.

Claw of Eisenfaust will require ECWolf and a full version of Wolfenstein 3D to be able to play.

Download Claw of Eisenfaust: 32×32 64×64 128×128

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