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Releases: 8 Carnage Themed Ports (MacenWolf)

Serpens has come out today with a new MacenWolf release, which includes a whopping eight ports of Mac Wolf3D mods! These ports are themed around the idea of “carnage” (Serpens makes excellent use of the letter B when explaining what this entails, but basically more gore, and more enemies!)

Each of these projects will be playable with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version (Currently version 1.12A).

If you want to learn more about the releases, make sure to check out the accompanying MacenWolf announcement article (Linked above), and add the project to your ModDB Watchlist!

Finally, if you want to discuss these releases, feel free to make a post in the DieHard Wolfers Thread.

The main release of this collection is Blake Zuckerman’s Wolfenstein Restricted. The project includes many changed graphics and textures, and spans 31 levels. This is one of those releases with a little history attached to it, which is explained by Serpens in the article.

Download Wolfenstein Restricted (ModDB)

massacrewolf 1

Massacre Wolfenstein is a three map project originally for The First Encounter.
Unfortunately, it is one of the many mods with no story or credits attached to it.

Download Massacre Wolfenstein (ModDB)

carnage 1

Carnage 1.4 is an even smaller affair, with just two maps.

Developed by Marco Vevna.

Download Carnage 1.4 (ModDB)

carnage ult 1

Ultimate Carnage was originally for The Second Encounter, and was developed by a Mac modder who went by the name Joe.

This particular map set clocks in at 10 maps.

Download Ultimate Carnage (ModDB)

bloodbones 1

Living up to it’s namesake, Blood n Bones is an uncredited mod originally created for The First Encounter.

This project spans 11 levels, and has bones.

Download Blood n Bones (ModDB)

carnage super 1

With tighter maps as opposed to some of the larger areas of the other releases, SuperCarnage! is nine maps that are designed by their author MogulzIsMe to be extremely challenging.

Download SuperCarnage! (ModDB)

skull 1

The Skull was originally built for The First Encounter, and as is the theme of these releases, has large amounts of enemies for you to eliminate.
Yet another uncredited effort, this time five maps worth.

Download The Skull (ModDB)

carnage wolfen 1

The final port is another uncredited effort, titled WolfenCarnage.

The project has a story of sorts attached to it’s ten levels, which were originally built for The First Encounter.

Download WolfenCarnage (ModDB)

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