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Release: Astrostein II port (MacenWolf)

MacenWolf has been updated to version 1.04, fixing minor issues with the engine. Download and view patch notes here.

This week’s MacenWolf port is a big one; Astrostein II by Laz Rojas!

Both Laz and his Astrostein games sit as some of the most ambitious to come out of the Mac community, and it’s great to see Serpens bringing these classics to us in a form so close to the original experience.

Astrostein II will require a copy of MacenWolf to run (Either The Second Encounter or The Third Encounter). Make sure to update to the latest version!

Download Astrostein II for MacenWolf (via ModDB)

Discuss Astrostein II and MacenWolf on the DieHard Wolfers Forums.

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