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Release: Astral Anomaly (DOS)

Update 27th May: A new patch has been uploaded for Astral Anomaly. Please update with the new files here.

Reddimus has released a new mod, on this April Fools Day; Astral Anomaly.

The story for the game is described as follows:

You’re a space marine stranded on your own spaceship, chased in the shadows by inexplicable horrors from
the tiny corners of the galaxy, each and every one of them after your blood.

This is a challenging mod developed in the DOS engine, with a number of engine changes to create some interesting effects (The above guards are thinking dying with portals).

The game is distributed as a standalone title, and will need DosBox to be able to run.

Download Astral Anomaly (DOS)
Discuss it on the DieHard Wolfers Message Board

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