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Release: Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip (LZWolf)

ZanuAF has released a new story-rich game with the amazing name Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip.

Much like his first project Die Fatface, Die!, this game has a lengthy story to read in-game, and even comes with another accompanying movie poster as a bonus in the download.

The game includes changes to gameplay (among other features), the most immediately noticeable of which are the sped up weapon attacks; guns will shoot much faster, so be sure to be careful you don’t waste all your ammo.

Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip is six levels long, and will run using LZWolf, provided you have a copy of the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Download Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip (Wolf3D.net)

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